2021 Recruitment report

Your Guide to Prepare for Hiring Uncertainty

2021 Recruitment Outlook Report

The state of recruitment in 2021 is expected to be the most unpredictable in years. As businesses around the globe struggle to find the right answers for hiring teams, this 2021 recruitment report aims to set the record straight:

There are no right answers yet, but hiring teams must shift their Talent Acquisition priorities to do better than they did in 2020.

hireEZ conducted a survey in November 2020 on 350 recruiters and sourcers to better understand how companies are building their recruitment strategies in 2021 and what teams have learned from hiring challenges faced this past year.

In this recruitment report, we'll cover:

  • 1Sourcing Priorities Post-2020
  • 2Digitizing Recruitment for a Remote Talent Pool
  • 3Preparing for the Great Rehire
  • 42021 Recruitment Trends & Expectations
  • 5Hiring for Diversity and Inclusion

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