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Hiretual-Talent Data Sytem
Hiretual is the candidate data engine for all of your recruiting efforts. Integrate with your tech stack to centralize talent management - source across 750M+ profiles, build personalized engagement campaigns, and actively rediscover lost profiles in your ATS.
See how Hiretual can help you and your team achieve your hiring goals.

AI Recruiting Platform

Talent Data System features

Talent Fusion:

 Hiretual’s core talent data platform that synchronizes all of your recruiting data into one data set. Our technology automatically parses, deduplicates, and enriches your data essentially providing your teams with the cleanest recruiting data set imaginable. With your accurate data, you can start rediscovering past applicants and candidates.

AI Sourcing:

 Hiretual is the top recruiting solution to help modern recruiters succeed today. Pull candidate data from 40+ platforms (ie. LinkedIn, Github, Healthgrades, and others) from the open web and your internal database to give you the single largest talent pool.


 From email sequences to conversion tracking, Hiretual’s candidate pipeline tools help you win more interest and maximize your productivity.

Hiretual Integrations:

 Stick with the tools that work for you, our integration product is the hub featuring Bi-directional ATS/CRM integrations that push and pull data in realtime.

Hiretual ATS Integrations

Hiretual-ATS Integrations

With 30+ Integrations, Hiretual gives you better data in your ATS so you can easily refresh, enrich, and dedupe candidate profiles for easier candidate search and engagement. Never worry about bounced emails or outdated profiles again!

Enterprise-Grade Information Security & Clearance

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Our customers trust us with their data, and we’re committed to enforcing all safeguards needed to protect your information.

Push Your Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives Forward

Increasing diversity in the workplace is key to a successful organization, but diversity hiring can be a pitfall when companies don’t fully understand effective ways to sustain these efforts.

Trained to focus entirely on merit, Hiretual’s Artificial Intelligence is agnostic to gender, race, ethnicity, and other human prejudices.

Our Blind Hiring Mode masks names and profile pictures to help you evaluate candidates objectively, while our Diversity Filter helps you quickly find, engage, and deliver qualified candidates from underrepresented groups such as women, African Americans, and veterans.

Diversity Recruiting

Powering Top Recruiting Teams

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"Hiretual is all of the sourcing and outreach tools combined, in one platform. Easy for recruiters, and even easier for hiring managers."

Claire Berkley, Senior Technical Recruiter at Poshmark

“Indeed, like Hiretual, has a tool for passive sourcing. They have a massive resume database, but candidates normally only update their Indeed [profiles] when they’re looking or getting close to looking for a new role. Whereas Hiretual has a fresh and constantly updated look at [candidates’] LinkedIn, their GitHub, or even their personal blog. Finding their personal website or portfolio is important because engineers frequently have side projects that they don’t list on their resumes but can push them higher in our rankings,”

Benjamin D. Rifleman, Manager of Employer Brand and Talent Acquisition Experience at Tango Card.

“I love how I can start a search [with Hiretual], go grab a cup of coffee and come back to a list of 50 candidates, 40 of whom are worth reaching out to.”

Kray Blanding, Technical Sourcing Recruiter at Apptio

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