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What is Coffee with Hiretual?

At Hiretual, we know we personally love our team coffee runs. So we figured that since we can’t sit down at a cafe right now for a good meeting, why don’t we bring those good coffee conversations to you? Join us at Coffee with Hiretual, our first YouTube series, and listen to talent acquisition experts talk about their recruiting career and even answer your questions - all while enjoying a good cup of their favorite coffee.
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Coffee With Hiretual

Episode 9: How To Manage An Emotional Market

Talent Acquisition professional, Marc Bond, brings us through his personal tips on managing an emotional job market in 2020. What are his three reminders to hiring teams out there? Take a targeted approach, recruit for emotional intelligence and embrace technology.

Read Marc's blog about the topic here!

Coffee With Hiretual

Episode 8: How To Find Cleared Talent

Recruiting expert, Jo Weech, tells all about her favorite topic in her least favorite place to do recruitment….cleared work at the highest level. Hear how Jo gets her name out known in a challenging industry, and how she uses Hiretual to dial down on top candidates with security clearance.

Coffee With Hiretual

Episode 7: Using Data to Drive Talent Acquisition

Join John Ricciardi for a discussion on the data and metrrics you need for your team to execute an impactful hiring strategy! Here are some of the things he'll be covering in this episode:- What you should do with data to build actionable recruitment plans, what are the most important metrics you need to measure, and how recruiters should change the way they leverage data in a post-pandemic job market.

[Additional Resource: Navigating A Virtual World with Team Reporting]

Coffee With Hiretual

Episode 6: A New Era For Inclusive Workforces

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the views of many companies on remote work, opening the doors to more opportunities for all candidates. In today's episode, Jennifer Jones talks to us about how recruiters and businesses can be more inclusive to the disabled workforce.

[Additional Resource: Look Beyond The Surface To Give Disadvantaged Graduates A Better ]

Coffee With Hiretual

Episode 5: Recruiter-Hiring Manager Relationships

Amy Miller talks to us today about building an effective hiring manager partnership and managing CRAZY hiring manager expectations. She also helps answer common recruiting questions.

[Additional Resource: eBook | The Fundamentals of A Successful Recruiter-Hiring Manager Relationship]

Coffee With Hiretual

Episode 4: The Candidate-Driven Recruiter

Robert Merrill talks to us about treating candidates like human, especially in 2020, where many candidates are disheartened and fatigued from their job search. Hear the 4 things Robert believes companies can do to give candidates the answers they want to hear.

[Additional Resource: Whitepaper | Ultimate Guide to Email Personalization]

Coffee With Hiretual

Episode 3: Remote Teams 101

Chuka Ikokwu answers your questions about working in a successful remote team and how he sources for diverse talent!

Coffee With Hiretual

Episode 2: 'Batching' Your Recruiting

James Temple talks about working in batches to increase recruiter productivity! He also answers your questions about social media recruiting and what we can do to overcome hiring freezes during COVID-19.

[Additional Resource: Blog | Tackling and Overcoming COVID-19: What Can Recruiters Do?]

Coffee With Hiretual

Episode 1: The Intentional Recruiter

In our first episode, Monique Davis answers your questions while bringing it back to what she believes is most important in recruiting during a challenging time - being intentional.

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