Hiretual-Talent Data Sytem

Commit to Diversity, Exceed Your Goals

Hiretual solves the complexity of recruiting diverse talent to help your company achieve its diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

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A Real Search, In The Correct Places

Hiretual’s AI Sourcing casts a wider net for meaningful diversity searches by accurately analyzing data points from candidate profiles including memberships with diversity organizations, schools and more.

Fill Existing Diversity Gaps with Targeted Searches

Cut downtime spent looking for candidates from underrepresented groups with Hiretual’s powerful AI filters to specify searches for women, veterans, African-Americans, and Hispanics.


No Room For Unconscious Bias

Build an equal screening process with Blind Sourcing Mode by hiding names and images from profiles. Further, remove bias by sourcing from talent pools consisting of all underrepresented groups using Blind Diversity Sourcing.

Succeed with Data-Driven Decisions

Create actionable hiring strategies by leveraging Market Insights. Hiretual gathers data in compliance with EEOC laws to help recruiters better understand top job titles, companies, skillsets and more, of candidates from underrepresented groups.


Curious to know why thousands of recruiters trust Hiretual to find and hire the best candidates?