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DE&I Hiring Continues to Rise. What Does the Talent Market Look Like?

Searches for underrepresented talent have increased by 250% on the Hiretual platform since 2020.

With increased competition for DE&I hiring, we want to make sure that your organization doesn’t fall behind.

In this report, we’ve broken down search data on Hiretual to show you key trends surrounding the underrepresented talent market found on our platform since 2020.

This includes how the demand for underrepresented groups has changed for different industries, where talent acquisition professionals are looking for talent, and breakdowns of average market value and years of industry expertise.

If you’re a recruiter, sourcer, or Talent Acquisition professional, we hope this report helps you have a better understanding of the talent market, strengthen your talent searches, and meet your DE&I hiring goals.

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Where Can Underrepresented Talent Be Found?

United States:
Approximately ?????? Professionals

Approximately ?????? Professionals

Demand for Underrepresented Talent Groups

How Has the Demand Changed for Black or African American Talent Across Industries?

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