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Hiretual AI Demo

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Join us for a 45-minute live demo + Q&A

August  25th, 2020 - 10:00 AM PDT


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Join the live demo to see what Hiretual can do to streamline and centralize candidate data management (+ our latest product updates 👀) 

If you haven’t caught up with the latest on Hiretual this year, we’ve introduced a bunch of new changes and additions to improve your recruiting experience on our platform. 

PLUS take a look at the brand new D&I sourcing updates we will be releasing!  🎉

In this session, we’ll be taking you through the Hiretual platform to cover product use cases for different industries with our sourcing, engagement, market analytics, ATS integrations, diversity and inclusion capabilities, and more. Yes, we do more. 

Here’s what else you expect: 

  • The top recruiting pain points shared with us by our customers. 
  • What we’ve seen from Hiretual users in recent months.
  • An engaging and personalized conversation with our Riad and Elizabeth from our team!

Learn how you can keep your hiring cycle short and build better candidate relationships with Hiretual.  We’re ready to see you there!

Our Speakers

Elizabeth Teng

Elizabeth Teng

Elizabeth Teng is the Product Marketing Specialist at Hiretual. With an interdisciplinary background in English and STEM along with her experience in Campus Recruiting, she uses her written and analytical skills to develop go-to-market plans and bridge all Hiretual Engineering and Business teams. As the product expert, Elizabeth hosts weekly training workshops and empowers Hiretual employees to drive customer success.

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Riad El Hout

Riad El Hout

Riad El Hout is a Customer Success Manager at Hiretual. Having been with Hiretual for the last year, Riad has gained the insight necessary to ensure successful training and adoption of Hiretual. Riad works with individuals on a personal level, sharing best practices with users to empower their performance and abilities.

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